Kristina Barta @ Jazz Dock

Jazz Dock, Prague

Band name:

Kristina Barta Event Horizon

(postmodern jazz)

Kristina Barta is internationally renown pianist and composer. She was placed 1st in the composer's competition hosted by OSA. Her trio with Jan Feco and Marek Urbanek was the finalist of 2016 Euroradio Jazz Competition. Kristina is also the winner of the 2017 Powiew Mlodegu Jazzu, where she received an individual price for her piano playing.

The trio released the debut album EMA29 (2017, Alessa Records) and recorded with vibraphonist David Friedman, saxophonist Karel Ruzicka jr., guitarist Krystof Tomecek and trumpeter Miroslav Hloucal.
Kristina’s trio has played most well-known festivals including Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Steyr Jazz Festival (Austria), V4 Jazz Festival (Hungary) and others.

Project Event Horizon is the original trio enriched with guitar and saxophone. This 5 member band plays original contemporary creative jazz, reflecting on Kristina's earlier classical music studies with an emphasis on melodies, modern rhythms and electronica.

Kristina Barta - piano, keys
Nela Dusová - saxophones
Kryštof Tomeček - guitar
Jan Fečo - bass
Marek Urbánek - drums