As a composer and pianist, Kristina Barta is fully convincing”


All three jurors anonymously selected Kristina Barta for her fresh approach and the great interaction within her band members”

RALF DOMBROWSKI (German journalist), GUNTER SCHRODER (The Kurland Agency), RUDY LINKA (director of the Bohemia Jazz Fest)

Their music is a combination of jazz tradition and efforts to explore something new. The band sounds optimistic, after the periods of nervous or depressive modern jazz, perhaps, this is a new trend. Helped by the fact they are the young musicians who do not stick to the surface, but go directly to the essence of musical magic”

Vaclav Vrany, Czech radio producer

Press Photographs

The best pianist at the Polish Krokus Jazz Festival 2017

The best pianist at the Polish Krokus Jazz Festival 2017

At Bimhuis Hall, Amsterdam, 2016, Holland

At Bimhuis Hall, Amsterdam, 2016, Holland

Bohemia Jazz Fest 2015, Prague, Czechia

Bohemia Jazz Fest 2015, Prague, Czechia

¨Interview of the month¨ Czech Radio, February 2017 80.4 MB
¨Interview for Radio 1¨ January 2017 59 MB


Kristina Barta graduated from the jazz piano at the Academy of Music Arts in Prague under the leadership of professors Karel Ruzicka, David Doruzka, Lubos Soukup, Vit Kristan, Jaromir Honzak and Jiri Slavik. She also studied classical music and composition at the Prague Conservatory.  

In 2017, Kristina Barta performed in places like Radio France in Paris, festivals D'jazz Nevers or Jazzdoor in Strasbourg. Kristina Barta was the pianist of Euroradio Jazz Orchestra and cooperated with many musicians of Europe.  

Kristina Barta received a prize at the Polish Krokus Jazz Festival 2017 for playing the piano and for Barta's compositions. / The European Jazz Magazine  

Czech Radio as a member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), nominated a live recording of the Kristina Barta's concert in the prestigious European competition for young jazz projects, Euroradio Jazz Competition 2016. The trio was chosen by the European Commission among the four finalists and Kristina Barta Trio performed at the legendary concert hall Bimhuis in Amsterdam. 

Czech Radio's news / other Czech media

In 2016, Kristina Barta won the OSA (Czech Copyright Association) composer's competition in cooperation with Bohemia Jazz Fest.    

The best Czech jazz song 2016 / Official press release 

In 2015, Kristina Barta founded her own trio with Jan Feco (bass) and Marek Urbanek (drums). Barta's own original arrangement (Autumn Leaves by J. Kosma) won the international competition Jazz Prix 2015. 

Official press release  

The international jury composed by::   

R. Dombrowski (German music journalist), G. Schroder (The US Attorney Kurland Agency) and R. Linka (Czech jazz guitarist) took her distinctive and fresh approach to the arrangement, and to her own compositions. The trio has performed at the Bohemia Jazz Fest 2015 before bands like Yellowjackets.  

EMA29 debut album by Kristina Barta has been released in 2017 under the Austrian label Alessa Records in cooperation with the Austrian promoter Peter Guschelbauer (among others in the years 2002 - 2007 he was the promoter of the Austrian Joe Zawinul). 
The steady trio Barta, Feco, Urbanek on the album expanded with distinguished guests. Trumpeter and composer Miroslav Hloucal, guitarist Krystof Tomecek, saxophonist and producer Karel Ruzicka jr. and American vibraphonist David Friedman, a professor at the Jazz Institute in Berlin (David Friedman worked with musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver and Chet Baker. He was a member of the New York Philharmonic and also taught at the Manhattan School of Music in New York).     

The album is full of emotions, and it reflects Kristina's melancholic view of the world, from real life experiences. The album is accompanied by a children's choir and poet Stephen Dartnall. 

Review of German journalist

Album EMA29, Czech Media

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