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Kristina Barta's debut album EMA 29 has been released in 2017 in Austrian label Alessa Records in cooperation with the Austrian promoter Peter Guschelbauer. Kristina and her quartet that's included bassist Jan Feco, drummer Marek Urbanek and guitarist Krystof Tomecek, featuring vibraphonist David Friedman (track 6), trumpet player Miroslav Hloucal (tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 10), saxophone player Karel Ruzicka Jr. (track 9), children's choir Palecek (tracks 1, 9) and poet Stephen Dartnall (tracks 2, 5) perform twelve Barta originals combined with interpretation of one from the American songbook (Arthur Schwartz's „Alone Together“).

EMA 29 is available for now at iTunes and the Alessa Records store. The album also can be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.

  1. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz)

  2. Never - Ending Shit (Kristina Barta)

  3. Hard Day (Kristina Barta)

  4. New Horizon (Kristina Barta)

  5. Childhood (Kristina Barta)

  6. All The Things The Earth Needs (Kristina Barta)

  7. Intro (Kristina Barta)

  8. Quit This Place (Kristina Barta)

  9. You Can Have It All (Kristina Barta)

  10. Find Peace Of Mind (Kristina Barta)

  11. 29 (Kristina Barta)

  12. Right Now (Kristina Barta)

  13. Lost Home (Kristina Barta)


Kristina Barta, piano

Jan Feco, bass

Marek Urbanek, drums

Krystof Tomecek, guitar

David Friedman. vibraphone

Karel Ruzicka Jr., saxophone

Palecek choir

poet Stephen Dartnall

Produced by Kristina Barta

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Kapfer at Sounddesign studio, Hagenberg, Austria in 2017.

Design by Terka Oduterka

Cover Photograph by Petr Krejci

Thanks very much to Peter Guschelbauer, Ondrej Jonas, Marketa Smejkalova, Eliska Mistrova, David Farek, Volker Greve.

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