EMA 29

Kristina Barta

Debut album has been released in Austria in 2017 (Alessa Records). All music written by Kristina Barta. Alone Together composed by Arthur Schwartz, arranged by Kristina Barta.

Kristina Barta (piano) Jan Feco (bass) Marek Urbanek (drums) Miroslav Hloucal (trumpet) Krystof Tomecek (guitar) David Friedman (vibraphone)

  1. Alone Together
  2. Never - Ending Shit
  3. Hard Day
  4. New Horizon
  5. Childhood
  6. All The Things The Earth Needs
  7. Intro
  8. Quit This Place
  9. You Can Have It All
  10. Find Peace Of Mind
  11. 29
  12. Right Now
  13. Lost Home
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