Versatile Czech musician blending classical training with jazz innovation, acclaimed for her expressive piano compositions and electrifying performances on global stages. 


The Czech pianist whose performances have been described as "fiery, expressive, eloquent, and stubborn." With international recognition as a composer and pianist, Barta has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her concerts bring a unique blend of classical training and jazz innovation, standing out at prestigious festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazzahead!, and many others.   


Kristina Barta began her musical journey as an oboist before transitioning to the piano and becoming a prominent member of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra. Her talent has been recognized across Europe, winning several prestigious awards, including first place in a jazz composer's competition in the Czech Republic in 2016 and an award for exceptional piano skills at the Powiew Młodego Jazzu festival in Poland in 2017.   


With two albums under her belt, "EMA29" and "Love and Passion," Kristina recently released her latest album "Endless Questions and Answers," featuring nine original compositions in collaboration with world-renowned tenor saxophonist Jure Pukl. This album marks a new phase in Barta's musical evolution.   


Currently, Kristina Barta is working on a new album for jazz sextet featuring David Doružka on guitar, Jure Pukl on saxophone, and a symphony orchestra in collaboration with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. Album will release in 2025. Barta is also director of Prague Impro Room festival that she founded in 2024. 


The music is an excellent example of modern European Jazz, which takes the Jazz tradition a step further into exploration, rather than repeat well established paths...Full of great music and passionate performances, this music is simply a delight from start to finish, making European Jazz proud.”

Adam Baruch, Israel

Endless Questions and Answers does not disappoint and delivers if not many answers, certainly many promises.”

Mike Jurkovic, New York City



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